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Mother & daughter

I feel such a lucky guy for sharing my life with Valeria and our daughter Sofía. We got into this craziness of becoming parents almost 5 years ago, and what a rollercoaster of intense emotions it's been so far!

At the same time, I've been learning about photography while changing dipers and trying to be the best possible father I could, a very challenging combination but I have to admit that I'll never find better inspiration than in those days. You perceive that you're living unique moments, never coming back, and you constantly hear that classic quote from other parents: "Time flies! Try to enjoy it as much as possible! They grow up so quickly!"... You know what? It's 100% true, they were right. It goes too damn fast, but it's so difficult to be fully aware when you're part of it on a daily basis.

I believe that photography is a very powerful media, which allow us to relive those moments captured forever. A single photograph can make you feel exactly what you felt at that time, to take you there again.

One of the things that I've witnessed on a daily basis is the relationship that takes place between Valeria & Sofía, mother and daughter. There's a connection when they look at each other, a bond created since the very first moment a new life started growing inside her. I've tried to document this through a camera until now and here's a short summary.

PS: Even though some old photos are taken with iPhones or are the result of a poorly skilled photographer at that time (me), they're a precious treasure to me, because of what they make me feel. Good example of how relative a photograph value is based on...

PS 2: Happy birthday Val :-)