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What really matters cannot be seen...

... but felt.

Sep17 Blog.jpg

There is no doubt that we live in the “image” era.

Photographs influence us, directly or indirectly, hundreds of times every single day since the moment we wake up in the morning. How is it possible that, among all these flood of imagery, some of them suddenly make us feel something special?

Some photographs transcend the technical parameters discussions, they mean something greater than a bunch of pixels put together, and they tell a story that matters to us.

As you can imagine, I make many photographs (thousands each week) but this one above specially resonated in me. I feel the that this moment captures very well what Sofia is going through nowadays: There she is, holding “her baby” and mum’s hand... She’s holding on to being a little girl, but she’s not anymore, she has grown up. She’s suddenly looking back, it feels almost as if “time” was calling on her, but she doesn’t want to get there yet...

Now that I write about it, perhaps it is actually me, the one that doesn’t want this to happen yet. Maybe it’s me the one who wants to hold her as if she was my little one, forever...

I love you baby


PS: For those who still want to know about the technical data, the photograph was made with my adored Fuji X100T