FAQ - Hope you find some answers here :-)

What kind of photography sessions do you offer?

I love capturing stories about people and life: families, special events (weddings!), newborns, birthdays... Any occasion or event is a good excuse to save those memories and document them to be enjoyed over and over again.

Why does your daughter and wife appear in so many photographs?

They're always together with me and the most important people in my life so they "suffer" my passion for photography by being the subjects I experiment with most of the time. I need to thank them actually because I'd have never learned so much without them!

Have you ever done a wedding?

Yes! I love them and I believe they're one of the most special events in someone's life so I'd be honored if you'd trust me being a part of it as your photographer.

How much would you charge for a session or event?

Send me your information and let's comment the details of the session. I'll be glad to share with you once I know more about your request.

When will we get the photographs?

I carefully review every single photograph before delivering to you so that it's been properly enhanced and digitally developed to my quality standards. The final time depends on the amount of photographs and season but I'd say between 3-4 weeks.

But, will you send us a few earlier than final delivery time?

Of course I will! I'll make sure you get some of my favorite right away so that the wait is less "painful" and you can share with your family and friends.

Do you retouch or post process the photographs before delivery?

I believe that post processing should be only aimed to enhance a picture, not changing it. In other words: I'd never do anything that could not be done in a darkroom in the past as a general principle. I'm all for authenticity and natural beauty of human beings.

How will images be delivered?

As you wish: USB memory stick, online gallery,... I'll usually include 3 folders all with final processed beautifully toned photographs : High-resolution (maximum quality), Low-resolution (for easy web/social network sharing) and the "WOW photographs" which is a small selection of my favorites and the ones I dedicated some more time, allowing more freedom in the image development process: maybe some black and white, vintage look,... Artisan type of edit.

Do you offer prints or books?

I certainly can help you with these requests as well. I firmly believe that a photograph is not finished until you print it. If you have forgot about it please let me share with you and show you again what a fine print feels like in your hands. Photographs should be printed. I won't make it mandatory for you to do it but I'll definitely encourage you! 

Will you post our session or event photographs in your website?

Never without your permission. I'd like to share some of the work I do with other potential customers so if you allow me sharing some photographs I'll be very thankful but I'll always respect your decision of course.